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SolSource Solar Cooker by One Earth Designs

is a high-performance solar-powered stove and grill.

It’s solar you can afford. Pay once to experience free energy as long as the sun shines. SolSource is fuel-free and produces zero emissions – that’s guilt-free cooking.

Sear, steam, bake, boil, and fry. Cook anything under the sun.

SolSource Solar Cooker Press

How Solar Cooking Works on SolSource

How Solar Cooking Works on SolSource
Number 1

SolSource collects sunlight.

Turn the solar cooker so it faces the sun.

Number 1

SolSource concentrates sunlight.

Reflective panels direct light toward the bottom of your pan.

Number 1

SolSource turns concentrated light into heat.

Your pan absorbs light and gets hot. You cook delicious food. Fuel-free.

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Solar-Cooked Paella

“I have bought and made many solar cookers. I have worked in the Solar Thermal industry since 1986. I have seen solar done right and solar done wrong. This is done right.”

– Gordon E. B. on Amazon Five Stars

“Even in the cold, mid-winter conditions that we’re having here in Michigan, the solar cooker is working great for boiling water, making soups and stews, and grilling.”

– David B. on Amazon Five Stars

“Making Jambalaya!”

– Scot S. on YouTube

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Powerful, Fast

4x more energy efficient than solar panels. Heats up 6x faster than a charcoal grill and reaches temperatures up to 750º Fahrenheit (350º Celsius).


Versatile Cooking

Grill, steam, bake, boil, or fry your favorite foods and recipes. From cast iron to stainless steel, SolSource handles almost any cookware.


Durable, Patented Design

Designed to perform in the harshest Himalayan conditions, SolSource’s premium materials withstand wind and sandstorms.


Easy Savings:
Before, During, and After

Save time and money. No fuel necessary. Just focus the sun and start cooking. After you’re done, hose down the panels and cover or store. Easy.


Healthy You, Healthy Planet

Enjoy the full flavor of your meals without carcinogenic pollutants harming your health. Know you’re making a difference with zero carbon emissions and supporting innovative and sustainable impact for 3 billion people in emerging markets.


Responsibly Manufactured

Rigorously selected manufacturing partners. High-quality materials and easy-to-replace parts ensure SolSource is built to last. We are a certified B Corporation and partners with 1% For the Planet and Leave No Trace.

Cook Anything Under The Sun

Solar Penne Primavera Solar Steak and Asparagus
SolSource Backyard BBQ SolSource Backyard Cookout

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