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How SolSource Works

How Solar Cooking Works on SolSource
Number 1

SolSource collects sunlight.

Put a pan on SolSource and turn SolSource to face the sun. You’ll know its focused when you see a bright light appear in the center of the little black adjustment mirror.  
Number 1

SolSource concentrates sunlight.

Our patented reflector panels direct sunlight toward the bottom of your pan with 92% efficiency.  
Number 1

SolSource turns light into heat.

Your pan heats up at the speed of light and you’re ready to cook. Careful! SolSource can reach 350C/700F (grilling temperatures) in 1-2 minutes.        

Why SolSource



Reaches cooking temperatures in 90 seconds.


Throw the coolest grill parties in your neighborhood.


Designed to withstand sand storms and every day use.

Fuel Free

Never spend money or time on fuel again!


100% recyclable and no CO2 emissions.

Easy to Clean

Just use a soft, dry rag to wipe away dust or water, soap, and a sponge for tougher oil stains.

SolSource grills a steak in 5-10 minutes – 100% Powered by the Sun

SolSource Grilling a Steak   20150208_Food_Testimonial_s (1) 2  

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