Benefits and Features

Easy to use, clean and safe

The cookware heats up five times faster than traditional charcoal. That means you can get cooking easier, faster. It is easy to clean and safe to use.

100% Pollution free cooking

The solar cooker operates with just direct sun light from our sun. No gas, no charcoal, no biomass – just inexhaustible solar energy.

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100% Recyclable

We engineered our products for top outdoor performance while upholding rigorous ethical and environmental standards. This is a 100% recyclable product.

From a half-hour after sunrise until a half hour before sunset,
suited to all your delicious recipes.


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This Solar-Powered Cooker Is Actually Saving People’s Lives

Lucy Sherriff / The Huffington Post UK
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SolSource solar cooker offers a fast, low-carbon option for home cooking

Derek Markham / TreeHugger

At Tesla, we constantly question the status quo and think about how we could be doing things better. That’s why we’re making solar-powered cars and that’s why we grill on SolSource. Harnessing the power of the sun allows us to eat healthy food cooked with clean energy. Solar cars and solar kitchens – that’s a great place to start our energy revolution

Kimbal Musk / Tesla / The Kitchen

Ever needed to heat a large quantity of water? Praxis Prepper used SolSource to heat 4 gallons of rain water from 70°F to 130°F in two hours. The water was more than hot enough for a bath or other domestic use.

Praxis Prepper / YouTube

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