Why One Earth

One Earth Designs is about making sustainable living fun, convenient, and shareable with friends.

We only have this One Earth, and it is our collective responsibility to design a world that lives in harmony with nature, and that future generations can continue to enjoy. We believe that our contributions to society should bring about positive progress to leave the world a better place. Development need not come at the cost of health, either of people or the environment. On the contrary, it should enrich communities by bringing lifestyle improvements, and play a part in recuperating our struggling planet.

This is why social and environmental impact is core to the structure, governance, and operations of our company. One Earth Designs began as a non-profit in 2009, working with nomads in the Himalayas to develop cleaner energy technologies to combat fuel scarcity and indoor air pollution. Read our founding story here. In 2012, we opened a for-profit branch of our company in order to expand the impact of our work globally.

Now, we have customers in 18 countries on 6 continents. Benefit Lab and GIIRS have given us some of the highest ratings for social and environmental impact on record, and customers are actively participating in multi-national projects managed by our R&D team to design even better clean energy products.

Our hybrid non-profit/for-profit business model enables us to serve the needs of all customers equally and to develop products for emerging market customers that meet their needs rather than the needs of intermediary funders. Learn more about our approach to empowering the three billion rising consumers in emerging markets to attain a high living standard using sustainable products and practices.

The core tenets of our work are:

Corporate governance committed to triple bottom line.

R&D devoted to innovation to meet the needs and aspirations of global customers, including 3 billion rising consumers.

Marketing that inspires customers to live within the resources of Earth and to help others do the same.

Sales that encourage customer loyalty by demonstrating our loyalty to them.

Customer Service that builds trust by responding rapidly and fully to customer feedback.