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Outdoor cooking is long overdue for new technology. Charcoal, wood, and gas have long been the only fuel choices for people who prefer to spend their cooking time outdoors rather than cooped up in a kitchen, but not anymore! SolSource Solar Cooker adds a new level of enjoyment in your backyard.

Point SolSource Solar Cooker at the sun and your grill pan heats up immediately. Start grilling burgers and sausages straight away. Toast your hotdog buns on the grill pan. Or pan fry an egg or two to add some extra protein. The best part is no more fiddling with propane gas canisters, no more filthy hands covered in charcoal.


Set up your beautiful dining table in your backyard, enjoy delightful company with your friends and family, knowing they will not be treated to the smell of gas or their clothes smelling of charcoal smoke. Solar cooking is pollutant free and healthy for you!


We love searing Pacific salmon or pan-frying outdoor-bred pork chops, but we don’t always like such strong cooking smell lingering in our homes for days. You can now cook these tasty yet pungent dishes in your backyard while keeping your home smelling fresh. The best part is you don’t need to set up a mains outlet – just point SolSource Solar Cooker at the sun and start cooking!


Solar cooking simply means using energy of sunlight to heat and cook food. Solar energy is converted to thermal energy directly with minimal loss. Unlike propane gas or charcoal, using sunlight to cook is safe and doesn’t produce any pollutants. That means it is health for you and our planet. You can find out more from our friends at Solar Cookers International.

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Use SolSource to solar grill, sauté, steam, boil, bake and fry.

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1,000 W of solar energy reaches cooking temperatures in seconds, cooks your meal in minutes.

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100% Renewable Energy

Lower your carbon footprint by cooking with solar.

How does a parabolic solar cooker work?

For someone who has never seen a parabolic solar cooker before, it can be baffling. The parabolic mirror concentrates direct sunlight onto the cookware for instant heat reaching 550°F / 280°C. That means you can boil 4 cups / 1 litre of water in 10 minutes.

Is it compatible with my favourite saucepan?

Unlike solar ovens, SolSource Solar Cooker is compatible with many different kinds of cookware. Our customers have used Dutch ovens, aluminum frying pan and cast-iron skillets. Some cookware work better than others – and we have produced a guide to help you choose the best cookware in your cupboard for the job.

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Solar cooking on SolSource Solar Cooker is easy: just cook the way you have always done. Unlike other solar cookers that require longer cooking time or restrict your cooking methods, you can use your favorite recipes – grilling chicken breasts, cooking a risotto, pan frying freshly caught fish or boiling just-harvested potatoes. There is no need to modify them. Here are just a few of our recipes that we have created to get you started: