June 08 2016
A Greener Way To Grill

Within outdoor cooking, traditions don’t get older as time goes on, they get better. Read how solar energy takes your grill to the next level!

Popcorn in a bowl
November 04 2016
Making perfect popcorn on a solar cooker
Want to impress your party guests? Or just need to make snacks when friends and family arrive before Thanksgiving dinner? Make popcorn on your solar cooker in just 10 minutes....
Strawberries jam boiling
September 16 2016
Make strawberry jam on SolSource Solar Cooker

Make strawberry jam using just sun light Solar cookers are not just for making the meal of the day: you can use your solar cooker to conserve food by making jam,…

August 11 2016
OFF GRID LIVING WITH SOLSOURCE SOLAR GRILL Over 27,000 homes use solar and wind energy to offset their dependence on the grid (Source: USA Today). There are many ways to cook off...
emanuel cooking a solar chicken
July 25 2016
A Fun Way To Make Grilled Orange Chicken

Grilled Orange Chicken, paired with grilled peaches or pineapple, makes a light supper on a hot summer evening.

Bob & Betsy in garden
July 18 2016
Meet Our Solar Cooking Heroes: Bob & Betsy

Bob and Betsy love the outdoors. They’ve lived on the same 5 acre property for the last 27 years and, with Bob now retired and improving his golf game, the…

Eggplant & Pasta
July 18 2016
Solar Cooking Recipe: Eggplant & Pasta

Skillet Eggplant and Pasta is a simple solar cooking recipe. It combines all of the goodness of the garden into a light, delicious dish.

Peaches and vegetables by SolSource
July 12 2016
Solar Cooking Recipe: Grilled Peaches

Grilled peaches are delicious grilled on the SolSource solar stove, and makes a light and refreshing dessert on a hot summer night.

martin morning coffee.
July 04 2016
Solar Brewed Morning Coffee with SolSource

Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee that is brewed by the sun.

SolSource solar grill in action
July 02 2016
Fun in the Sun with SolSource

“Watch this,” I say. I move the grill pan aside for my demonstration. I hold an obsolete piece of stovewood—no tongs needed!—into the solar focal point and it ignites to the amazement of my dinner guests. Read more!

ballistic bbq photo
June 24 2016
Solar Cooking Heroes: Meet Ballistic Barbeque

Greg from Ballistic Barbeque, an epic grilling channel on Youtube, does a review of SolSource while cooking a mouth-watering ‘Cheese Burger del Sol’ on SolSource. Watch here!

Solar Cooking 4th of July
June 24 2016
4th of July Is Solar Cooking Day

On the 4th of July, we celebrate the cornerstone of being American —we celebrate our freedom. Here are five reasons why SolSource will give you the most memorable 4th of July.

SolSource solar grill father
June 11 2016
Get Dad Something He Really Wants This Father’s Day

We love our Dads. They know we do, even if we don’t say it enough and sometimes it may seem like we take them for granted. Father’s Day is a time to make him feel all your appreciation and love.

front page june 2.001
June 08 2016
Smoke-Free Summer Sizzle

Sharing a grilled meal with family and friends is a favorite way to enjoy the outdoors, and solar cookers like SolSource let you enjoy this spectacular gathering without the hassles of all our fossil fuel contrivances. Read more!

June 08 2016
Make your grill as healthy as you are

You know yourself to be a healthy person, so clearly you care about the food that fuels your life. So why are you still contaminating that high-quality food with the fuels you use to cook it? Read more here!

June 02 2016
Solar Cooking Pilot Project in Haiti

In 2015, together with Solar Electric Light Fund and SHE, we started a project in a small rural community in Haiti. Read more about the project here!

June 01 2016
Baked, Boiled, Grilled, or Fried: Cook Your Way With SolSource Solar Stove

Sometimes you want pasta, sometimes a baked potato, and sometimes something grilled. A steak? A savory portobello burger? Your SolSource solar cooker is as versatile as your tastes are complex. Click to learn more!

June 01 2016
SolSource knocks it out of the park!

SolSource knocks it out of the park! Check out our #1 rating here!

Healthy Summer Grilling
May 17 2016
Five Tips for Healthy Grilling During Summer

Click to learn about healthy grilling techniques to keep you cooking all summer long.

Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen
May 17 2016
Three Things You Need For A Gorgeously Green Outdoor Kitchen

Dream up your own perfect outdoor kitchen, and use these tips to create a perfect solar-powered paradise right in your backyard.

Man solar cooking with SolSource solar cooker.
May 17 2016
Solar Cooker – Natural Cooking Anywhere on Earth

When using your new solar cooker, there is only one rule – If you can see the sun, you can cook. Learn more by reading the blog post about when you can use a solar cooker.

gadget show
May 06 2016
Solar Cooking on The Gadget Show – Behind the Scenes Special

SolSource was tested on The Gadget Show and they loved it. Get a behind the scenes peek at what happened on set.

Earth Day
April 24 2016
Transcript of Guro Grytli Seim’s Earth Day Texas Speech

Read the transcript of COO Guro Grytli Seim’s speech at Earth Day Texas.

Catlin Powers solar cooking
April 23 2016
Nine Simple Ways YOU Can Fight Climate Change

In honor of Earth Day, we have come up with fast, easy, and inexpensive actions you can take to stop climate change. Take a look at our list and choose one climate action that you can start doing today.

SolSource focus sunlight
April 12 2016
How SolSource Focuses Sunlight

Watch the video that explains how SolSource concentrate sunlight.

April 11 2016
Choosing the Right Cookware for SolSource

WE’VE received a lot of questions about the right cookware to use with SolSource, and the quick answer is: you can use almost anything!

Kenya solar cooking with SolSource solar stove
April 09 2016
Solar Cooking Project at the Korando Educational Center

Mama Dolfine started the Korando Educational Center and now she uses SolSource with her students. “We can teach them how to use the energy of the sun and how solar energy works”, she says.

Solar top chef Karen Akunowicz
March 03 2016
Solar Chefs Series: Interview with Chef Karen Akunowicz

In our continuing series showcasing the stunning creations that imaginative culinary artists can concoct on the SolSource Solar Stove, we’re chatting today with Chef Karen Akunowicz

March 01 2016
Fighting Air Pollution In Rural China

Read the fascinating story about how we invented SolSource together with nomads in the Himalayas, to fight indoor air pollution.

SolSource in Haiti
March 01 2016
SolSource Project in Haiti

One Earth Designs partnered with Solar Electric Light Fund and Solar Household Energy to carry out a solar cooking project in Haiti with 25 SolSource solar stoves.

compare solar cookers
March 01 2016
Compare Solar Cookers

What is solar cooking, panel cooker, parabolic solar cooker, solar oven, solar grill and solar stove? Find the answer here.

Top chef Kwame Onwuachi talks about his SolSource experience
February 29 2016
Solar Chefs Series: Interview with Chef Kwame Onwuachi

Chef Kwame Onwuachi believes in telling stories through food, even when using the power of the sun for cooking.

February 26 2016
Spiced Apples, Squash, and Carrots

Delicious spiced apples, squash, and carrots roasted with sun energy.

front page picture 2, website.001
February 25 2016
Solar Quiche with Onion and Leek

Try this simple and healthy dish

February 25 2016
Solar Chefs Series: Interview with Top Chef Carl Dooley

We caught up with Chef Dooley shortly after he’d finished a solar cooking challenge on the Bravo TV show Top Chef. He told us about his experience using SolSource Solar Stove on the show.

February 18 2016
Solar Soup with Winter Squash and Sage

This simple squash and sage soup is a delicious and filling meal or side during colder months.

January 15 2016
Warm Beet Salad with Arugula, Walnuts, and Goat Cheese

A warm beet salad is the perfect salad for winter.

blog roots
January 08 2016
Solar Sautéed Root Vegetable Medley

Delicious solar cooked root vegetables

December 23 2015
Interview with Top Chef Jeremy Ford

Jeremy Ford was shocked by the power of SolSource

December 17 2015
Solar Cooking on Top Chefs
Solar Cooking on Bravo TV's Top Chef This week, professional chefs will cook with the power of the sun for the first time on national TV. Thursday, on Bravo TV’s...
December 17 2015
SolSource Solar Stove on Top Chef

SolSource Solar Stove was featured on Top Chef in December. First time solar cooking on National TV!

December 15 2015
Kale and White Bean Hash

This delicious kale and white bean hash is a perfect dish to infuse with sun energy.

November 10 2015
Winter Squash and Mushroom Risotto

This warm, seasonal dish is both sophisticated and comforting.

July 11 2014
How Parabolic Solar Cookers Focus Light

Sunlight is an “invisible flame,” so it’s hard to see what’s really going on. I’ve had people ask me if the heat travels through the steel frame, or if they can use SolSource like a laser to blast their obnoxiously loud neighbors. For better or for worse, parabolic solar cookers are quite safe, and they don’t work like a laser.

June 09 2014
Baking Bread with SolSource: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parabolic Solar Cookers

We’re very excited to share a success story from Jim Petty, one of our customers in CA! He has been experimenting with his SolSource solar cooker for baking and shared photos and notes from his most recent trial.

March 21 2014
SolSource Fighting Cookstove Smoke

While working with Maasai families in Kenya, Niccolo, Madison, and Adam–students from the University of San Diego–realized open fire cooking inside homes was causing high rates of respiratory illnesses among women and children (approximately 25 out of 1,000 children die in Maasai communities before the age of 5 due to cookstove smoke).

Catlin Barcelona
June 10 2013
One Earth Designs CEO Dr Catlin Powers at Unreasonable Barcelona
Dr Catlin Power spoke at Unreasonable Barcelona of her research in the Himalayas and the development of our solar cooker SolSource. Catlin Powers tells about how she developed SolSource together with...