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4th of July Is Solar Cooking Day

By June 24, 2016INSPIRATIONS

A Smoke-Free Independence Day

On the 4th of July, we celebrate the cornerstone of being American —we celebrate our freedom. Our freedom of belief, our freedom of action, our freedom of choice; our freedom to pursue happiness in our own design. 


This is what we celebrate as we gather—families, friends, communities—in parks, on riverbanks,  on beaches and in backyards across the nation. The SolSource solar grill is an embodiment of this American ideal. As we gather together, let’s embrace what is to be an American, our stunning oceans, limitless mountains and perfect skies. Let’s embrace the sun, using our SolSource grill.

Here are five reasons why SolSource will give you the most memorable 4th of July:


1. Yet Another Freedom

Independence Day is a time for creating memories with your friends and family. Laying in the sun, swimming, laughing and playing with the children. Don’t waste time racing to the store for a bag of charcoal or a gas bottle.  Using the power of the sun to prepare a perfect meal under this American sky, surrounded by family and friends, adds a new dimension to this celebration.


 Solar-Cooking-4th-of-July  4th-of-July-Solar-Cooking

2. Immediate Heat, Instant Celebration

You don’t want to delay the celebration while your grill heats up. SolSource can generate a sizzling 550°F in only seconds, so you’re not waiting for the charcoal to heat up or playing with a gas bottle. Just cast an appreciative glance to the sky and get your apron on— kids of all ages are circling!

3. It’s Part Of Your Holiday Conversation

Everyone gravitates to your SolSource grill. They want to know why there’s no charcoal, no gas, and no smoke.

They want to know why you chose a solar cooker.

Smiling, you tell them. “I’m cooking with nature, not against it. I wanted to make a sound environmental choice, and one that would make the food taste amazing…but you’ll find that out for yourself in a moment.”

4. The Healthy Choice

Watching the people you care about enjoying the meal you’ve prepared on your SolSource, is given new meaning when you consider how healthy the food is. With no carcinogens, you can take added pleasure in the knowledge that this is also a celebration of healthy and sustainable living.

Solar Cooking 4th of July


5. Create A New Family Tradition

It’s a wonderful feeling, your SolSource gives you the freedom to cook those traditional dishes that your family has always enjoyed on the 4th of July. It’s also versatile enough for you to start a few traditions of your own, that may even overshadow the fireworks – 4th of July Apple Pancakes anyone?