Assembling and Packing SolSource Sport

Assembling your SolSource Sport

Open tripod and set on even surface

Attach U-arms to tripod and screw on the orange cap to hold them together. Screw down all the way to lock the position, otherwise, leave slightly loose for full range of adjustment motion.

Hang center panel on the U-arms using the center panel hooks. Make sure that the curvature of the center panel is in the same direction as the curvature of the U-arms.

Loop the adjustment strap through the slot in the U-arms, buckle, and pull tight to secure the vertical adjustment angle. Once tightened, you can adjust the vertical angle simply by pushing or pulling on the black handle bar at the top of the center panel. Use the clip at the bottom of the strap to secure the maximum vertical adjustment angle, otherwise, you can ignore this clip.

Put the side panel with the male grommets into the slots opposite the black handlebar.

Add the 2nd side panel with the holes on one side and the orange strip on the other. The holes should be facing the male grommets in the panel you already added. The orange strip should be facing towards the black handlebar.

Pinching the grommets.

Now pinch the orange grommets through to tighten the two panels.

Once the grommets are in place, the panels should be secured locked together.

Add the 3rd side panel and pinch together the second set of grommets.

Align to the sun, add your pot and start cooking. Once the black alignment mirror arrives, you will be able to add it and use it to adjust the solar angle. Until then, you can still cook just fine on your SolSource Sport, but you will need to check the bottom of the pot to make sure you are getting a bright spot of light focusing on the bottom.

Now your SolSource Sport is ready for use. Watch this video to show how the light focuses onto the bottom of the cookware.

Packing your SolSource Sport into the Basic Carrying Bag

Here is a short video showing you how to pack SolSource Sport back into the Basic Carrying Bag. We hope you find this useful.