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Solar Chefs Series: Interview with Chef Karen Akunowicz

By March 3, 2016INSPIRATIONS


In our continuing series showcasing the stunning creations that imaginative culinary artists can concoct on the SolSource Solar Stove, we’re chatting today with Chef Karen Akunowicz, Executive Chef at Myers+Chang in Boston, and a 2015 James Beard nominee for Best Chef Northeast.

In describing her cooking style, Chef Karen says, “Probably one of my favorite things is taking a dish that is—whether it’s Southeast Asian or Thai or Vietnamese or Chinese—and giving it a little bit of a spin. Maybe finishing it with a dollop of greek yogurt or making a nut-based sauce or using pomegranate molasses in a way that’s surprising. Incorporating different ingredients from different cultures into the food that I’m making now is something that I love.”

After the solar cooking challenge using a SolSource Solar Stove, we asked Chef Karen Akunowicz all the same questions we asked each of the contestants. After all, fair is fair.


What’s the don’t-miss-it dish at your restaurant?

“The Salt and Pepper Chili Prawns! It’s my favorite dish. We are using beautiful prawns from Sky8 Shrimp in Stoughton, MA, which are sustainably raised. They get grilled and slathered in a spicy chili sauce with Sichuan peppercorns and caramelized lemon.”

What did you cook up on the SolSource Solar Stove for your Top Chef challenge?

“Watch the full episode to get all of the details but I’ll give you a hint: I added a dash of sweet and a touch of sour!”

Tell us about your SolSource cooking experience.

“It was amazing and really fun. Although I wish I had a bit more time to play with it and experiment. It really is an incredible piece of equipment. Once I got the hang of adjusting it, I felt it was really intuitive to use”.

TOP CHEF -- Season:13 -- Pictured: Karen Akunowicz -- (Photo by: Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

What would you like to cook next on a SolSource?

“I would love to try making a stir fry dish! I think the cast iron would lend itself really well to the preparation.”