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Get Dad Something He Really Wants This Father’s Day

By June 11, 2016INSPIRATIONS

We love our Dads. They know we do, even if we don’t say it enough and sometimes it may seem like we take them for granted. Father’s Day is a time to make him feel all your appreciation and love.

Beautiful Green Outdoor Kitchen

Forget breakfast in bed, let’s eat outside this Father’s Day.


When was the last time Dad got a present that genuinely surprised him?


This Father’s Day, rather than just making him breakfast in bed and giving him a new necktie, you wake him up early.


“Dad, come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”


You lead him outside to where he entertains and cooks for the people he cares about, his friends, his family. There, glinting in the early morning sun, is his Father’s Day gift from you.


“What is that?” He’s smiling, there’s a glint in his eye. “Is that for me?”


“It’s a SolSource solar grill Dad, I saw it on Top Chef, José Andrés said that it’s going to change the future. I know how much you love outdoor cooking and how proud you are of our backyard, and it…”


“Looks incredible.”


SolSource solar grill father

SolSource solar grill father


He’s walking around it, he looks amazed and curious, like a child opening an unexpected Christmas present.


“Thank you, this is wonderful, I don’t know what to say.”


He gives you a big hug and doesn’t let go.


“You didn’t have to do something like this, it means a lot.”


“Hey, you’re my Dad. Happy Father’s Day. ”


This Father’s Day, don’t just get Dad something he needs – show how much he means to you and give him a gift that’s all about him, something to remind him how important he is to you, and your whole family.


We’ll make sure it’s in his backyard for Father’s Day Morning (if you order before June 15).





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