Make your grill as healthy as you are


You know yourself to be a healthy person. You might be a vegan, or maybe you follow a paleo diet. You only eat organic foods; you’re gluten, dairy, and GMO-free…clearly you care about the food that fuels your life. So why are you still contaminating that high-quality food with the fuels you use to cook it?


Nourish your food with healthy grilling

Grilling can be a very healthy way to prepare delicious, natural foods, as long as you use the right fuel. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, using charcoal and gas as grilling fuels is linked to higher rates of stomach and colon cancers. It won’t matter that your steak was grassfed on a small farm if your charcoal grill saturates it in carcinogens. You go out of your way to source top-quality ingredients for your kitchen. They deserve better treatment, and so do you!


Fortunately, you don’t have to give up grilling to keep being healthy–there are solar cookers like SolSource that match your lifestyle. Solar energy is a totally clean fuel source that gives you all the joy and nourishment of grilling without any of the health risks. Go ahead and use your best olive oil to grill up a bunch of fresh organic asparagus spears from the farmer’s market. You can be confident that they won’t have conceal hidden dangers or contaminants, just sun-cooked goodness.


Peaches and vegetables by SolSource


Healthy grilling is both clean and simple

Solar cooking isn’t just the healthiest choice, it is also the simplest. Our SolSource solar grill is easy to set up and easy to clean, leaving you plenty of time to savor your meal–and your after-dinner activities. So keep enjoying the backyard cookouts you have always loved, but try using a SolSource solar grill. It is the cleanest, greenest grill there is!