Meet Our Solar Cooking Heroes: Bob & Betsy

Bob & Betsy in garden

Bob and Betsy Bradshaw love the outdoors. They’ve lived on the same 5 acre property for the last 27 years and, with Bob now retired and improving his golf game, the couple are spending more time together at home, hiking and looking after their livestock. When Betsy saw the SolSource for the first time, she knew it was a natural fit for their lifestyle. To learn about their experiences with SolSource, we decided to meet them.


What made you interested in SolSource?

Betsy : “It’s like a win-win-win, I don’t have to spend time finding fuels, we’re saving the environment and leaving no footprint. You can’t beat that.”

Bob : (Laughs) “I’m not quite so altruistic. I’m a cook, I’ve got three barbecues and wanted to add another to my arsenal. What impressed me was the flavours, food cooked on the box cooker was bland and didn’t taste much. SolSource gives that solar sizzle, the real taste of the food and I can cook so many different things.”


Like what? Betsy cooking on SolSource

Bob: “I’ve cooked cornbread – it came out great! Also bacon and eggs, which are our favourite for breakfast and a stir-fry or a piece of meat.”

Betsy : “I cooked deep fried donuts on the SolSource. It’s perfect for that because it gets the oil hot quickly and keeps it there. Also I was thrilled with the baking, everything comes out just like a normal oven. The best though is the gravy, I was really thrilled with it because I thought it may burn, but it was delicious.”


Are there any important benefits you’ve experienced with your SolSource? 

Bob: “It’s not messy, and it’s so simple to use. Even when I forget to clean it right away I can just give it a quick clean with a damp cloth next time I’m using it.”

Betsy: “And the availability, just flip it around and cook.”

Bob: “Also it’s fun, and it has a real “wow factor” when we’re entertaining guests.”


What Cookware Do You Use?

Bob: “That’s one of the best parts, I use a heavy cast-iron griddle, and a wok that fits right onto the cooking rim. I can stir fry, and actually made scrambled eggs that tasted amazing.”

Betsy: “I use a big iron pot also. Bob is a very accomplished cook, but these are the only tools we need to make so many different types of delicious food.”


Who Would You Recommend SolSource To?

Bob: “Anyone who likes an awesome looking cooker for one!”

Betsy: “To everybody, because of the instant heat and how well it works. It all comes back to the physics behind it, using the sun to reach those amazing temperatures, I tell everyone I know, because it’s that cool.”