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Nine Simple Ways YOU Can Fight Climate Change

By April 23, 2016INSPIRATIONS

Taking action to fight climate change doesn’t have to be hard! In honor of Earth Day, we have come up with fast, easy, and inexpensive actions you can take to stop climate change. Take a look at our list and choose one climate action that you can start doing today.

Catlin with solar cooked food

Action 1: Lower your thermostat by one degree. It doesn’t get much easier than that! You very likely won’t notice a one-degree change in temperature, and you’ll use significantly less energy to heat your home while saving money in the process.

Action 2: Try Meatless Monday. It takes significantly more energy to produce meat than plant-based foods. In fact, if everyone in the USA stopped eating meat just one day each week for a year, it would have the same effect as taking 7.6 million cars off the road! One day a week, choose chili with beans instead of beef, or try a delicious vegetarian lasagna. Your tastebuds and the Earth will thank you.

Action 3: Shop at your local farmer’s market. If you’ve ever looked at the stickers on supermarket fruits and vegetables, you know that our produce can come from all over the world. When you buy directly from local, you get fruits and vegetables that were picked that morning instead of flying thousands of miles. As a bonus, the reduced transportation costs mean that those fresher vegetables will be cheaper than the ones in the store.

Action 4: Use a solar cooker. Cooking with the only 100% renewable fuel source—the sun—means zero energy use, zero emissions, and maximum fun. Use a solar stove like SolSource to turn ingredients from your CSA box into a delicious veggie dish for Meatless Monday and you can do three actions at once!

Action 5: Try reuUntitled design (4)sable produce bags. You probably already bring reusable grocery bags with you while you shop, so why not take that to the next level? Trade in flimsy plastic produce bags for reusable cloth produce bags, or commit to reusing the bags that you brought home last time.

Action 6: Combine trips. Need to swing by the post office? Take a moment to check your calendar and see if you have any other errands to run in the area, and do them all at once. This will save you time and gas money, and mean less exhaust in the air. For extra credit, see if you can run any of those errands on foot or bike!

Action 7: Unplug completely. Appliances consume energy any time they are plugged in, even if they are turned off. To prevent this, unplug all of your appliances and electronics when they are not in use. Use a power strip to quickly and easily unplug several appliances, or even a whole room, at once.

Action 8: Go paperless. Most bills these days can be paid online, and most banks will provide paperless statements. Find out who is still sending you paper bills and ask them to send everything to you electronically. It will help you stay organized and decrease the number of trees that get cut down for paper.

Action 9: Reduce your junk mail footprint. Everyone receives paper catalogs for products they’ll never buy. The website Catalog Choice makes it easy to stop receiving unwanted paper catalogs. Sign up for free and reduce the amount of paper you receive!