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Smoke-Free Summer Sizzle

All of the fun, none of the fuss


SolSource solar grill in action


For many of us, summer doesn’t really begin until the first barbecue of the season. Sharing a grilled meal with family and friends is a favorite way to enjoy the outdoors –you get to enjoy nature, good company, and delicious food all at the same time. Sounds like a perfect day to us!


A typical barbecue isn’t without its drawbacks, though. Uh-oh: the ribs are half cooked and your propane tank just fizzled. Time to run to the store while the grill cools down. Or this: you’re turning so many circles around your burgers trying to keep smoke out of your face that you get dizzy and knock the whole thing over. But solar cookers like SolSource let you enjoy this spectacular gathering without the hassles of all our fossil fuel contrivances.


Man vacation people summer charcoal grill

Charcoal is a common choice for outdoor cooking, but it can’t hold a candle to the sun (sorry for the pun!). For starters, solar grills are five times faster than charcoal grills. Over at the charcoal grill we see contestant number one: stack the briquettes, wait for the lighter fluid to soak in, then wait for the coals to heat up to the optimum cooking temperature. Oh, but look at contestant number two, who happens to be aiming a SolSource at the sun–her pan is already sizzling! She’s never run out of fuel–and she never will.



Solar cookers are also considerably cleaner than charcoal grills. Since they don’t produce smoke, you don’t have to worry about closing your windows or breathing in a lungful of lighter fluid fumes when the wind changes. And because solar energy is clean, you can use SolSource solar grills to cook in many places that charcoal grills are not allowed, like urban parks. Solar energy is the only fuel that lets you cook outdoors without the unpleasant side effects of an open flame. No pollution, no fire danger and no damage to your health.


When the cooking’s done, a solar grill will still have your back! To get your charcoal grill clean, you have to scrub it with a wire brush while the it’s still warm (and while everyone else is enjoying their meal). A SolSource solar grill doesn’t take any extra elbow grease to clean; just wipe the mirrored surface with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.


Women with peaches and SolSource

Is it time to upgrade your summer traditions? Just like a zesty new recipe, a SolSource solar grill will really up your grilling game. This year, enjoy a smoke-free breeze and skip the extra trip to the store for charcoal. Grill smarter–grill solar!



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