Baked, Boiled, Grilled or Fried – Cook Your Way With SolSource

Quinoa on SolSource solar stove

Get Four Stoves In One With SolSource

Sometimes you want pasta, sometimes a baked potato, and sometimes something grilled. A steak? A savory portobello burger? Your SolSource solar cooker is as versatile as your tastes are complex. Pan fry or parboil, bake or braise, saute, grill, or simmer–your imagination is the limit!

One of our favorite dishes to grill on SolSource is a succulent steak like the one we cooked at Earth Day Texas. We season our meat with just a little salt and pepper, then sear it on the SolSource Grill Pan to seal the juices in and decorate it with a set of lovely grill marks. If we want a little something extra we can use the flavorful juices left in the grill pan to saute some thinly sliced red onions, or add a glass of red wine to deglaze the pan for a rich jus.

Hungry yet?




Or maybe you’re a breakfast aficionado. Before tending your garden or heading out for a family hike or bike ride, enjoy solar cooking with SolSource to cook up a big pot of oatmeal to fuel you up. Boil a pot of lightly salted water on your solar cooker, then add steel-cut or rolled oats. Feeling particularly indulgent this morning? Add grated carrots, cinnamon, and raisins when the oats are ready to eat, then serve with lightly sweetened Greek yogurt. It tastes just like carrot cake!

You can use your SolSource as an oven, too. A pan with a lid will trap heat inside, opening up the culinary potential of potatoes, lasagna, or anything else you’d otherwise be firing up your oven to prepare. Who wants to slave over a blazing oven on a hot summer day? Not us! Believe it or not, you can even use SolSource to bake bread. See how one of our customers did it in this post from 2014.

Deep frying on your SolSource might just be the most exciting solar cooking activity you’ve ever experienced! Fill a wok with oil and heat it up to your desired temperature (use a kitchen thermometer, and be careful around the hot oil!), then pop in just about anything until it turns golden brown. We like frying up donuts, batter-dipped fish, and vegetable fritters. Check out this video to see how we deep fried donuts at Earth Day Texas this year. What will you conjure up on your SolSource solar stove today?

Remember, the sun’s the limit!