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Solar Cooking on The Gadget Show – Behind the Scenes Special


One morning in January, I received an email from The Gadget Show inviting me and SolSource Solar Stove to be part of an episode about high-tech grills! The Gadget Show has been on air since 2004 and is currently on their 25th series. Clearly this was a great opportunity to showcase our innovative solar grill to their audience of tech enthusiasts.

The Gadget Show is filmed in Spain, and I flew down with our photographer Torbjørn. We arrived several hours early in order to assemble our SolSource and meet the a sixteen-person professional television production team. Neither Torbjørn nor I had worked on a production of this size before, so there was a lot to learn!

We set our SolSource up to give the presenters a solar cooking demonstration. This is always the most fun part of my job. I love the way that people immediately understand how SolSource works, and I love the excitement in their faces when they see how fast it heats up and how powerful it is. They’re always so impressed and wanting to know more. Every time someone tells me how awesome SolSource is, I feel like the coolest guy around.

After our unofficial demonstration, it was time to roll the cameras. The main presenter Jason Bradbury cut a piece of salmon and placed it in the solar grill pan to cook. From the instant the fish hit the grill, Jason couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for solar cooking. Speaking to the audience through the camera, he said “You would never believe it, if you did not see it with your own eyes.” I could not agree more.

After cooking on SolSource, the presenters tested other high tech grills. The other grills had all kinds of bells and whistles: sensors, monitors, cables, blinking lights, and alarms. It seemed like a high tech grilling mess. The presenters thought so, too.


After testing SolSource and cooking some salmon they went over to the other high tech grills they were testing. The other grills had sensors, monitors, cables, was blinking and had alarms going off. It was all a high tech grilling mess. This was also something the presenters pointed out.

When the cooking finished, it was time to decide which of the featured grills was the best. Standing behind the camera while the presenters conferred, I felt more nervous than I had ever been before. They had enjoyed solar cooking on SolSource, but would they choose a solar grill over the other high-tech grills? After a dramatic pause, they announced that SolSource Solar Stove was the best grill they had tested on the show! Not only is it beautiful and easy to use, they said, but it’s also powerful and cooks extremely fast.

Winning the contest made Torbjørn and my first television experience that much more special. We went home happy in the knowledge that The Gadget Show and its entire audience had recognized SolSource and solar energy as the most high-tech way to grill.

Get a peek view of Gadget show by clicking on the video below

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