Top Chef Winner Talks about the SolSource Solar Cooker

During the popular Top Chef Season 13, contestants were asked to cook with a technology they’d never used before: the sun..

Top Chef Season 13 contestant Jeremy Ford, after his first stab using a SolSource solar stove, called it an “amazing product.” In fact he was so enthusiastic that a SolSource was sent to Jean-Georges’ four-star Mediterranean restaurant, the Matador Room in Miami, where Jeremy is Chef de Cuisine. We asked Jeremy some questions about his first experience using SolSource to cook with the power of the sun.


A full meal in 20 minutes

What dish should people make sure not to miss when visiting your restaurant?

“The dish you can’t miss at Matador is our suckling pig, whole pig cooked in duck fat, pulled apart then put back on the skin…. so crispy!”

What dish did you cook on SolSource at Top Chef?

“I started off making a simple warm tomato ragout, but when I saw how powerful and fast SolSource was I decided to sear a piece of fish, blister tomatoes, roast mushrooms, and reduce a sauce. All this in only 20 minutes!”


Shocked by the intensity of the cooker

How was your cooking experience with SolSource?

“As a chef you never stop learning, and cooking with SolSource is a perfect example. When I first fired up the stove I was shocked at how fast it was and how hot it got. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to using it again.”

What dish would you try cooking on SolSource next?

“The next thing I’m thinking of trying on the SolSource would have to be a paella! I’d love to be outside with friends and family cooking a big pan of gorgeous seafood on a SolSource, with crispy rice on the bottom.”


We surely look forward to seeing the paella.