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SolSource Solar Stove on Top Chef

By December 17, 2015INSPIRATIONS


SolSource was the star of the QuickFire round on Bravo’s Top Chef (Season 13, Episode 4).

World renowned Chef José Andrés challenged pro chefs to a solar cook-off with SolSource and GoSun Stove. Chef Andrés pointed towards SolSource and said, “this will change the future”, reiterating his sentiments from earlier this year when his team set up a SolSource pop-up solar taco restaurant at the gourmet food conference, BITEsv.

On the show, Top Chef Jeremy Ford called SolSource the “best stove ever” after whipping up a tomato ragout, searing a a piece of fish, blistering tomatoes, and roasting mushrooms all with the sun. Yum!

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After the show, Top Chef Wesley True (the winner of the QuickFire Solar Challenge) wrote, “Amazing technology! It was an honor to cook on your stove and represent you tonight! ” Chef True took a SolSource home from the show. We can’t wait to see what he cooks on it next!

Stay tuned for secret recipes and insider blog posts from the Top Chefs!