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SolSource™ Sport

How much does SolSource Sport weight?

10 Pounds / 4.5 kilograms.

What is the weight bearing capacity?

We recommend 3kg maximum loading.

What pots/pans can I use?

Camp cookware with black bottoms made from aluminum or copper performs best. Cookware with a diameter of 8″ or smaller is ideal for SolSource Sport. Make sure to keep the lid on while cooking to  keep the heat in and prevent moisture loss to the air.

How hot does my food get?

SolSource Sport reaches a maximum of 400°F / 200°C under ideal conditions. You can power your picnic cookout, cook bacon and eggs, make coffee, rehydrate camping food packets, make foil-pack recipes, and prepare perfect burgers for 1-2 people.

How hot does the reflector get?

The reflector and tripod base stay cool to the touch.

How hot does the pot stand get?

The metal part of the pot stand can reach 200°C. After cooking, it is best to use gloves or mitts when picking up pots or pot stand until they’ve had sufficient time to cool down.

How quickly can I cook a meal?

You can cook a meal in 15-40 minutes, depending on what your cooking and weather conditions (sun, wind, and temperature).

How much power does SolSource Sport generate?

A maximum of 600W. Total power out depends on total power in (the strength of the sun reaching the ground in your location). Note that the sun is strongest near the equator and at high altitudes.

How energy efficient is SolSource Sport?

92% efficient at converting sunlight into heat, compared to about 15% efficiency of photovoltaic panels converting sunlight into electricity.

How much pollution do I prevent when I use SolSource Sport?

When cooking with SolSource Sport, you produce zero air pollution (CO2, CO, PM2.5, NOX). Cooking food will release some CO2 into the atmosphere, but this amount is negligible.

Can I cook while sitting?

Yes. By resting SolSource Sport on the ground, you can cook while sitting on a picnic bench or a beach chair.

Can I cook while standing?

Yes. You can cook standing up while SolSource Sport is on the ground. You can also set-up SolSource Sport on a picnic table, or on a raised area. Make sure it is a sturdy / stable surface.

What size pan can I use on it?

The pot stand supports cookware up to 8” / 20cm in diameter. Larger cookware might slip off the pot stand or obscure reflectors and diminish cooking power.

Can I cook on a boat?

Yes. You can. Ensure SolSource Sport is placed on a stable surface away from the edge of the vessel so your food and cooking utensils don’t fall into the sea! We recommend roping it down to prevent slipping.

Can I tailgate with SolSource Sport?

Yes. Just make sure you have a sunny spot to park it!

How do I assemble my SolSource Sport?

SolSource Sport is designed for quick and easy assembly. You can learn more by viewing our tutorial videos:

General SolSource Stove Usage FAQs

Does seasons and latitude affect when you can use SolSource?

Season and latitude affect how many hours you can use SolSource. Here are some examples:

How do I align SolSource?

First, watch our video on aligning SolSource.

Begin with SolSource positioned away from the Sun. Place cookware on the pot stand, and rotate the SolSource towards the Sun, so that the Sun can be seen aligned with the cookware in the alignment aid mirror. At this point, the brake disc lever can be engaged if desired. Use the adjustment pole to raise or lower the dish until the focal point can be seen clearly in the center of the bottom of the cookware using the alignment aid.

How often should SolSource be re-aligned?

SolSource should be re-aligned every 20 to 30 minutes.

Can I use SolSource in cold weather?

Yes. As long as the sky is clear, SolSource can be used in below-freezing temperatures.

See this customer video from winter usage.

Can I cook in cloudy weather?

If you can see shadows, you can cook. If clouds frequently pass by, it will make cooking more difficult.

Is SolSource stable in high wind?

Yes, in moderately high wind, the tripod legs can be staked down to the ground.

Is SolSource stable on uneven surfaces?

Yes. However, it is not recommended to use SolSource on very uneven surfaces because pots may slide off the pot stand.

Do the reflective panels get hot?

No. The reflective panels will always remain cool and safe to touch.

What do I need to do when SolSource is not in use?

Do to the parabolic reflectiveness of the SolSource, there is a possibility of a “stray ray” that may cast upon a combustible surface. If this happens that combustible surface may catch fire due to the heat.  It is recommended that you 1: Never leave your SolSource unattended when in use. 2. That you cover your SolSource when not in use. And, that you either turn your SolSource away from the sun or store it.

Cooking Basics

Do I need any other accessories?

Sunglasses with UV protection should be worn, as well as oven mitts to avoid any burns.

What kinds of cookware can I use on SolSource?

SolSource can be used with nearly any kind of cookware that you would use on a traditional stove. This includes pots, pans, kettles, grill plates, woks, or anything that is wide enough to fit on the pot stand. The SolSource base can support up to 40 pounds, which corresponds approximately to the weight of a full 20-liter stockpot.

The best materials to use are those that conduct heat well, such as cast aluminum. Cast iron and stainless steel will also work, as well as special alloys. For best performance, always try to use a cooking vessel that has a dark-colored or matte base. Cookware with a glossy or reflective base (like a shiny copper kettle, for example) will not heat up as quickly.

Always make sure that the cookware can withstand high temperatures, just like on a stovetop. This means that materials such as untempered glass and plastic should not be used for SolSource cookware because they may melt or shatter.

For more info read our “Choosing the Right Cookware for SolSource“.

What can I do to reduce the heat level?

To reduce the heat level, you can temporarily turn SolSource slightly out of alignment so that the focal point is aligned to the side of the cookware. Alternatively, cover part of the dish with an opaque material, taking care not to bring the cloth too close to the focal point.

Can I bake with SolSource?

Yes. You can use SolSource to bake by placing the baking tin on a stand inside a large closed black pot such as a dutch oven. The large pot will work like an oven. Turn the baking tin regularly for even heating and browning.

Read our “Baking Bread with SolSource: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parabolic Solar Cookers” recipe.

Is solar-cooked food safe?

Yes. Food cooked on SolSource is just as safe as food cooked on a stove top, and should be handled with all of the same precautions.

Cleaning & Maintenance

How do the reflective panels hold up to hot oil, grease and food splatters?

In general, spilled liquids, food, and oil will not damage the reflective panels. The reflective panels are impact and scratch-resistant, and have a high melting temperature.

How do I clean SolSource?

The SolSource reflector is optical, so you can apply the same techniques as if you were cleaning a window or eye glasses. Here’s what we recommend: Pour warm water over the reflective dish to wash away most non-oil dirt. For oil and hard-to-remove dirt, spray water and use a soft cloth with gentle or mild detergent, then rinse the soap off with water. Do not use abrasives such as a coarse sponge or cloth, or corrosive chemicals such as bleach.

What measures against corrosion do you suggest?

We recommend treating SolSource as you would treat any piece of outdoor furniture or barbeque. We sell a cover especially made for the SolSource and encourage you to cover the SolSource when not in use.  During extended periods where you would not be cooking with the sun, the SolSource can be stored in a covered shelter for longer life.

SolSource™ Classic

Assembly & Transport

Assembled dimensions:

  • 39.6 lbs./18 kg
  • Max Height: 1.5m
  • Footprint: 1.5m
  • Dish Diameter: 1.3m
  • Base Height: 0.94m

Package Dimensions:

  • 46 lbs./20.9 kg
  • 32.3″ x 28.4″ x 11.4″ (inches) / 82 cm x 72 cm x 29 cm

How fast does SolSource Classic heat up?

On a clear sunny day, SolSource boils 1 liter of water in 10 minutes, reaches grilling and baking temperatures in 5 minutes and searing temperatures within 10 minutes.

How long does it take to assemble SolSource Classic?

Out of the box, it takes one person about 45 minutes to set up SolSource Classic for the first time, and 15 minutes once familiar. A helper is needed to hook the dish onto the main frame. For storage or transportation, SolSource Classic can be partially disassembled into the dish, tripod, and metal frame parts, and reassembled in less than five minutes.

Is SolSource Classic portable?

Two people can easily carry SolSource Classic short distances by lifting both sides of the metal frame. For transportation by car, SolSource Classic can be disassembled and stored in the back seat or trunk.

How should I store SolSource Classic?

SolSource Classic can be kept outdoors. When outdoors, the dish should be covered or taken off the metal frame and placed upside-down for safety purposes. To prolong the life of your SolSource Classic, One Earth Designs sells a specialized cover built to withstand extreme conditions.

How much space does SolSource Classic need for use?

You should allow approximately 4ft by 4ft square area to setup and use SolSource Classic.

How big is the reflector’s surface? 

We have engineered the 4’3″ (1.3m) wide solar reflector to achieve the perfect curvature for capturing sun light. This geometry enables the solar cooker to achieve 92% efficiency and provide the equivalent of 1,000 watt of cooking power. The V-shape cut out provides the perfect chef interface so you don’t have to lean over the parabolic reflectors.

What materials were used to build SolSource Classic?

SolSource Classic is made from steel tubing, rigid plastic backing, and a patented polymer reflective material.  There are also miscellaneous nuts, bolts and pins that connect the parts together.

How long will SolSource Classic last?

Solsource is designed for a long life, and the reflective panels maintain 90% of their original reflectivity over a simulated six-year lifespan under accelerated weather and use conditions.

Warranty & Returns

How do I make a warranty claim?

If your item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, we will replace the defective part. Email us and explaining the issue at: support at

What is your returns policy?

Providing you with high quality products you can rely on is important to us. If you are not satisfied  with your purchase, you can return unused items purchased from One Earth Designs for a refund within 30 days of purchase. If you experience breakage during normal and correct usage, you can  replace broken parts using our online system. One Earth Designs’ guarantee does not cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents. If your item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, we will replace the defective part. Email us and explaining the issue at: support at

See our limited warranty.