One Earth Designs started in the Himalayas, where we worked together with nomadic families to develop SolSource as a solution to extreme energy poverty. We made 58 prototypes in the course of developing the original SolSource design. Since then, we’ve continued evolving the SolSource line of solar-powered stoves and working to bring clean solar energy to the one billion families at the base of the pyramid.

Traditional solid fuel cooking

Women bear the burden of finding fuel, cutting down trees and often at risk of personal injury.

Cooking with polluting solid fuels indoors risk lung, heart, and brain diseases due to smoke inhalation.

Other fuels can cost a large part of household income.

Traditional cooking with fire
Solar cooking humanitarian

Clean fuel cooking

Women can prepare meals quickly, and devote more time nurturing children and enhancing livelihood.

Improving family health by removing smoke and toxic gases in homes.

Women save time and money by using abundant direct sunshine to meet cooking needs.


It is an inspiration for the children. We can teach them how to use the energy of the sun and how solar energy works!

Mama Dolfine / Teacher, Kenya

My older daughters collected fuel instead of going to school. Now that we use SolSource, my family doesn’t need as much fuel and I can send my youngest daughter to school.

Drolma Jie / Nomad from Waxing, China

It cost my family about 200-400 RMB (32-63 USD) for fuel each month, and it was hard for us to buy enough food. After we got solsource, we don’t face these problems

Gongbu Tsering / Nomad from Jianzha, China

The quality of this soar cooker is very high. It has been outside my home for months and still looks the same as the day I got it.

Tashi Dondrup / Rebgong, China.