One Earth Designs in the media

Stories and mentions of One Earth Designs and SolSource in the media from around the world.

Cook your meals anywhere under the sun with this solar-powered cooker

Mashable | June 2017

BBQ Using Renewable Energy | June 2017

SolSource Sport, la cocina solar portátil cero emisiones

Eco Inventos | June 2017

Compact and Portable Grill | June 2017

You Can Take This Portable Grill Anywhere Under the Sun

Design Insider | June 2017

SolSource Sport is like a Portable Satellite Dish That Cooks Under the Sun

designboom | June 2017

Perfect for the British bank holiday

Daily Mail | May 2017

Solar-Kocher und -Griller geht bei Kickstarter steil

Engadget | May 2017

Advanced solar cooker that heats and cooks five times faster than a charcoal cooker

Next Big Future | May 2017

SolSource cooker gets compact for solar-grilling on the go

New Atlas | May 2017

Portable SolSource Sport solar stove heats up 5X faster than a charcoal grill

Inhabitat | May 2017

The $149 SolSource Sport is a powerful portable solar cooker

Treehugger | May 2017

Buy Dad a Solar Powered Portable Grill for Father’s Day

Mothering | May 2017

This Barbeque Cooks Your Food Using Sunlight and Mirrors

BT | May 2017

7 Awesome New Kickstarters You Should Check Out This Week

AskMen | May 2017

The Next Big Thing in Grilling? Solar Power.

Inside Hook | March 2017

SolSource – Affordable, Eco-Friendly Outdoor Solar Cooker

The Green Optimistic | June 2016

6 Easy Steps to a Climate Friendly Camping Trip

Daily Planet | June 2016

SolSource solar cooker offers a fast, low-carbon option for home cooking

TreeHugger | May 2016

Can manufacturing save the world?

GreenBiz | February 2016

How Do You Fight The World’s ‘Largest Environmental Health Problem’? Harness The Sun.

The Huffington Post | January 2016

Solar Cooking Goes Mainstream

EcoWatch | December 2015

Jose Andres Talks Top Chef Season 13 and the Benefits of Clean Cookstoves

Bravo TV | December 2015

Meet the Norwegian One Earth Designs team

Nordea | December 2015

Testing innovative grills (in German)

Die Welt | July 2015

SolSource being tested with chef in Norway (in Norwegian)

VG | July 2015

SolSource can cook anything under the sun, no fuel required

Chivas The Venture | April 2015

All the gadgets you need to make this the best barbecue season yet

Digital Trends | December 2015

Now They’re Cooking: SolSource Harnesses the Himalayan Sun

Policy Innovations | June 2014

The Gift of Solar Energy

Mother Earth News | December 2013

Review of SolSource Solar Stove (Chinese)

Gigazine | December 2013

Solar-powered cooker puts local clean energy start-up on the global map

South China Morning Post | October 2013

Removing indoor pollution. Researcher helps create sun-powered solution to toxic air in many lands

Harvard Gazette | October 2013

The 10 best home projects on Kickstarter now!

Yahoo! Real Estate | October 2013
September 2013

Sun-powered eco-friendly grill burn past its Kickstarter goal

VentureBeat | September 2013

Solar stove with humble beginnings in Himalayas is now in Utah

The Salt Lake Tribune | September 2013

An MIT alumnus brings solar-powered cookers to the people of the Himalayan plateau

MIT News | September 2013

SolSource uses the heat of the sun to cook your food.

gizmag | September 2013

Himalayan solar cooking comes to the city

Engineering For Change | September 2013

The Momentum Behind the Social Entrepreneur Movement and Solar Cooking

Huffpost Impact | September 2013

Catlin Powers: An “Unreasonable” Return to Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea | March 2013

Social entrepreneurship takes off in China

BBC News | September 2012

30 Under 30: One Earth Designs sells its SolSource

Forbes | 2012

The SolSource Solar Oven Wins 500K EU in the Green Challenge

New York Times | September 2010

Solar Cooking, Electric and Heat: SolSource 3-in-1

treehugger | June 2009

One Earth Designs make a solar cooker that cook with the sun

We are all makers | March 2009

Five to Watch

Boston Globe Magazine | October 2008

Utah native utilizing sun’s rays in Asia.

Deseret News | July 2008

Harnessing the Tibetan sun. Student project aims to reduce deforestation and lung disease

MIT News | June 2008