One Earth Designs in the news

Stories and mentions of One Earth Designs and SolSource in the news from around the world.

Top Social Entrepreneurs: One Earth Designs

Social Business Magazine | March 2017

SolSource – Affordable, Eco-Friendly Outdoor Solar Cooker

The Green Optimistic | June 2016

6 Easy Steps to a Climate Friendly Camping Trip

Daily Planet | June 2016

SolSource solar cooker offers a fast, low-carbon option for home cooking

TreeHugger | May 2016

Can manufacturing save the world?

GreenBiz | February 2016

How Do You Fight The World’s ‘Largest Environmental Health Problem’? Harness The Sun.

The Huffington Post | January 2016

Solar Cooking Goes Mainstream

EcoWatch | December 2015

Jose Andres Talks Top Chef Season 13 and the Benefits of Clean Cookstoves

Bravo TV | December 2015

Meet the Norwegian One Earth Designs team

Nordea | December 2015

Testing innovative grills (in German)

Die Welt | July 2015

SolSource being tested with chef in Norway (in Norwegian)

VG | July 2015

SolSource can cook anything under the sun, no fuel required

Chivas The Venture | April 2015

All the gadgets you need to make this the best barbecue season yet

Digital Trends | December 2015

Now They’re Cooking: SolSource Harnesses the Himalayan Sun

Policy Innovations | June 2014

The Gift of Solar Energy

Mother Earth News | December 2013

Review of SolSource Solar Stove (Chinese)

Gigazine | December 2013

Solar-powered cooker puts local clean energy start-up on the global map

South China Morning Post | October 2013

Removing indoor pollution. Researcher helps create sun-powered solution to toxic air in many lands

Harvard Gazette | October 2013

The 10 best home projects on Kickstarter now!

Yahoo! Real Estate | October 2013
September 2013

Sun-powered eco-friendly grill burn past its Kickstarter goal

VentureBeat | September 2013

Solar stove with humble beginnings in Himalayas is now in Utah

The Salt Lake Tribune | September 2013

An MIT alumnus brings solar-powered cookers to the people of the Himalayan plateau, helping end their dependency on biomass fuels.

MIT News | September 2013

SolSource uses the heat of the sun to cook your food.

gizmag | September 2013

Himalayan solar cooking comes to the city

Engineering For Change | September 2013

The Momentum Behind the Social Entrepreneur Movement and Solar Cooking

Huffpost Impact | September 2013

Catlin Powers: An “Unreasonable” Return to Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea | March 2013

Social entrepreneurship takes off in China

“We realised that in order to reach all the people who have this need, we would have to scale in a big way. And the only way to do that sustainably is by generating sustainable profits” Catlin Powers

BBC News | September 2012

30 Under 30: One Earth Designs sells its SolSource

Forbes | 2012

The SolSource Solar Oven Wins 500K EU in the Green Challenge

New York Times | September 2010

Solar Cooking, Electric and Heat: SolSource 3-in-1

treehugger | June 2009

One Earth Designs make a solar cooker that cook with the sun

We are all makers | March 2009

Five to Watch. An actress, an inventor, a star on and off the football field, an international do-gooder, and a musical entrepreneur

Boston Globe Magazine | October 2008

Utah native utilizing sun’s rays in Asia.

Deseret News | July 2008

Harnessing the Tibetan sun. Student project aims to reduce deforestation and lung disease

MIT News | June 2008