Innovations that perform for people and planet

SolSource reflectors provide unparalleled performance. Our innovations include light-weight, 3D formable, and self-healing, SolSource reflectors that survive sandstorms while maintaining their 92% energy efficiency. One Earth Designs holds multiple international and national patents protecting the materials, designs and function of our products.

SolSource Solar Stove versus Photovoltaic Cells

Research from the world’s top universities

One Earth Designs collaborates with Harvard School of Public Health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to bring you cutting edge solar-thermal technology in elegant, easy to use forms.

Harvard School of Public Health
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Awards and grants

The St Andrews Price for the Environment POSTCODE LOTTERY GREEN CHALLENGE MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition     Inventions Geneva
Clean Equity Monaco PrizeUS EPA