Over 27,000 homes use solar and wind energy to offset their dependence on the grid (Source: USA Today). There are many ways to cook off-grid, but most require the burning of fossil fuel such as charcoal and gas (Source: happypreppers). The SolSource Solar Cooker offers an off grid cooking solution that is versatile and robust. Once it is set up, it heats up five times faster than a charcoal grill, and reaches 550°F in just a few minutes. You can then pan fry, grill, deep fry and boil on the SolSource solar cooker. You can use many of your existing cookware to conjure up your favourite recipes (see here for our recommendations).

Beyond day to day cooking, you can use SolSource Solar Cooker to preserve food. You can use SolSource Solar Cooker to sterilize jars for canning summer fruits, making vegetable preserves, and save your harvest for the winter months.

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SolSource Solar Cooker was first designed to meet the challenging needs of nomads in the Himalayas. Today there are thousands in everyday use high up in the Himalayan Plateau. Whether you aspire to live completely off-grid, or want greater self reliance, or use sustainable energy, SolSource Solar Cooker is a great option to help you push the boundaries of off-grid living.

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Everyday Off-Grid Use

SolSource Solar Cooker is designed for everyday use. Unlike other solar cookers that restrict the kind of cookware you can use, you can use just about any kind of cookware on SolSource Solar Cooker. We have produced tutorial videos to help new off grid customers set up and get the most of their SolSource Solar Cooker.

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How does a solar cooker work?

For someone who has never seen a parabolic solar cooker before, it can be baffling. Fear not! It is very easy to set up and use – scores of off gridders use solar cookers up and down the country. We are here to explain.



Wranglerstar family who lives off grid in the Pacific Northwest explored living and cooking with our solar cooker. He takes SolSource Solar Cooker through its paces, from unpacking, setting -up through to cooking a family meal. Check out their video that has been viewed over 90,000 times.

This off-grid solar cooker is great for preppers, homesteaders, or anyone who wants to live a more sustainable green life.


A solar cooker can also heat water for family use. Ever needed to heat a large quantity of water? Praxis Prepper used a pressure cooker to heat 4 gallons of rain water from 70F to 130F in two hours using SolSource Solar Cooker. The water was more than hot enough for a bath. Watch the video to see him in action.

Awesome at boiling water.