SolSource Solar Stoves will be featured on Shark Tank episode 920 airing Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 10 pm EST on ABC.

California – February 1, 2018

“The experience was harrowing, but worth it”, said CEO, Dr. Catlin Powers.

Each year, more than 40,000 entrepreneurs compete to pitch on Shark Tank. This year, Dr. Powers was selected to pitch her SolSource Solar Stoves, joining the ranks of Shark Tank entrepreneurs pursuing the American Dream by building innovative businesses. Both SolSource Classic and our brand new SolSource Sport solar stoves were featured on the show.

“Shark Tank invited us on, in part, due to our strong social change mission. Our company strives to enable people to achieve energy independence and to improve the lives of millions around the world”, said Dr. Catlin Powers.

Building on past successes as a scientist and social change entrepreneur, Dr. Powers’ company, One Earth Designs, is now launching a new and beautifully designed SolSource Sport solar stove along with a range of accessories for outdoor enthusiasts. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign and delivery to American backers, the team is now in negotiation with top retailers in the USA and internationally. For more footage of SolSource in action, see One Earth Designs’ YouTube Channel:

SolSource Sport on a beach
Caption: SolSource solar stoves cook delicious food using solar energy. Watch the founder pitch on Shark Tank.

About SolSource Solar Cookers
SolSource uses award-winning technology lauded by MIT and the United Nations to convert 92% of the sun’s energy directly into cooking power. The SolSource line of solar stoves saves time, money, and energy for users. SolSource Classic ($499 retail price) is fast, powerful, and durable. It heats up to 500°F in seconds and can cook delicious meals in just 10 minutes. SolSource Sport ($299 retail price) features a light-weight, compact design that packs down into a 2ft carrying case to enable people to cook anything, anywhere under the sun.

About One Earth Designs
One Earth Designs is a Delaware-based B Corp recognized for its innovative SolSource Solar Stoves, which are now used by customers in over 60 countries. SolSource Solar Stoves have won numerous international technology awards and been recognized by MIT, the US National Science Foundation, and the United Nations. One Earth Designs holds one of the top Global Impact Ratings ever awarded and is one of the world’s 50 top-ranked responsible businesses on B Corp’s Best for the World List. To learn more about One Earth Designs, visit, or our non-profit website: Media Kit:

About Our CEO, Dr Catlin Powers
Dr. Powers ( co-founded One Earth Designs while working with nomads in the Himalayas on solutions for energy poverty. Dr. Powers received her doctorate from Harvard University. She is the recipient of the Marry White Peterson Prize for Innovation, the Camilla Chandler Frost Prize, and the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment. Her solar energy research has been recognized by the US National Science Foundation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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