Solar Cooking for the First Time on National TV

Date: December 15, 2015

This week, professional chefs will cook with the power of the sun for the first time on national TV. Thursday, on Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” cooking competition, the contestants will use the high-performance SolSource solar stove to conjure up gourmet delights with the perfect solar sizzle. The chefs loved the experience, and renowned Chef Jose Andrés said, “SolSource is the food of the future!”.

In the aftermath of the Paris conference on climate change, many feel themselves trapped between optimism and doubt. Even with this first groundbreaking agreement, the world confronts a 2 degree temperature increase. Limiting climate change to 2 degrees is an effort that will take more than governmental agreements, and cooking on the SolSource solar stove is a good example of the kind of direct action that people can take in
their daily lives.

Though it is a source rarely mentioned in climate change discussions, outdoor grilling contributes to carbon emissions. For example, on the 4th of July, American grills generate seven times more CO2 than the Central African Republic produces in a year. But now there is a practical alternative: the SolSource solar stove. It emits no greenhouse gases, is safe and fun to use, and offers a meaningful step toward the kind of behavioral shift than can help build a better world.

This week, Top Chefs will showcase the joy and potential of solar cooking, and hopefully will inspire viewers everywhere to learn about SolSource — how to cook delicious food, have fun in the sun, and decrease their carbon footprint all at the same time. It would be great if you would encourage and inspire your readers and followers to do the same.

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Quote from Chef Jeremy Ford:
“As a chef you never stop learning, cooking with the SolSource solar stove is a perfect example. When I first
fired up the stove I was shocked at how fast and hot it became. The next dish that I have already been
dreaming up to cook on the solsource stove would have to be a paella. I would love to be outside with friends
and family cooking a big pan of gorgeous seafood, with crispy rice on the bottom on top of the SolSource
Solar Stove.”

Quote from Dr. Catlin Powers, CEO One Earth Designs:
“We don’t have to leave the climate fight to politicians in Paris. Our daily actions can and do have an impact.
Cooking with solar energy is one daily action people around the world can take to combat climate change and
pioneer a more evolved and healthier way of living.”

About One Earth Designs
Since 2013, One Earth Designs has been setting a new standard for global business as one of the top-ranked responsible businesses on B Corp’s Best for the World List. Our CEO, Dr. Catlin Powers, developed SolSource as a solution for energy poverty while working with nomads in the Himalayas. Today, our revolutionary solarpowered stoves are used by customers in over 60 countries. Our flagship product, SolSource, is the ultimate solar cooker. It heats up five times faster than a charcoal grill, delivers a whopping 1,000 watts of power, and harnesses sunlight seven times more efficiently than an average photovoltaic solar panel. With its high performance reflector technology, SolSource Solar Stove represents the next evolutionary step in cooking. It harnesses pure sunlight to sear steaks and sauté vegetables to perfection. Since releasing SolSource in 2013, our dedicated team continues to develop award-winning products that revolutionize the way we use energy in our homes. Our growing portfolio of international patents includes numerous advancements in solar thermal capture and storage technologies.