SolSource: World’s Most Efficient Solar Stove Now Launching in US Retail

Date: May 10, 2014

All you need to cook this summer is a little bit of sun. SolSource reaches 700°F and can cook a 6” steak within minutes. First developed to combat fuel scarcity and household air pollution in the Himalayas, SolSource is now enjoyed by customers in 18 countries. This rugged, high-performance solar stove harnesses solar energy at up to 90% efficiency to cook fast, healthy, and low-hassle meals for the whole family. Did we mention zero carbon emissions? SolSource is available for $399 from

AND, if you live in California, you can now try SolSource in-person at the Real Goods Store in Hopland, CA. One Earth Designs’ CEO, Scot Frank, announced the partnership with Real Goods by saying, “We can’t think of a better partner for our launch in California. We have HUGE admiration for Real Goods’ long-term work to help people live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Note from the Co-Founder
We are asking your help to chart the way into a cleaner energy future for all by spreading the word about SolSource to potential customers and supporters in your area. I want to personally thank you in advance for supporting our efforts to tackle one of the world’s biggest global health issues. Please visit our website to learn more about how our work began in a remote village in the Himalayas and developed into a global
enterprise saving lives and making a difference in the way that people access, use, and think about energy.


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About One Earth Designs
One Earth Designs, the world’s most innovative solar stove company, was founded to design and develop pioneering solar and clean technologies for developing and developed markets. Winner of numerous international awards and grants, One Earth Designs is committed to bringing the most convenient and environmentally sustainable household solar energy solutions harnessing SolSource technology. Please visit for more information.