Light. Fast. Powerful.

The brand new SolSource Sport lets you cook delicious food wherever you go using only the energy of the sun 100% pollution-free. Harness solar-powered cooking while you camp, picnic, tailgate, or boat. Enjoy a solar meal with SolSource Sport on your balcony and then fold it back into its compact carrying bag to take on-the-go or store away. It’s easy to carry, quick to assemble, and heats up in seconds for high-performance, on-the-go solar cooking.

How it works

Using SolSource Sport is easy. Just point it at the sun and start cooking.

See the power of SolSource

For those who have not seen parabolic solar stoves in action, here is a selection of video reviews of the original SolSource and recipes. 

“At Tesla, we constantly question the status quo and think about how we could be doing things better. That’s why we’re making solar-powered cars and that’s why we grill on SolSource. Harnessing the power of the sun allows us to eat healthy food cooked with clean energy. Solar cars and solar kitchens – that’s a great place to start our energy revolution.”

-Kimbal Musk

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SolSource Sport Media Coverage