Compact. Fast. Powerful.

SolSource Sport solar stove delivers delicious food by outdoor cooking with solar energy, 100% smoke-free. Harness solar-power for cooking while you camp, picnic, tailgate, or boat. The SolSource Sport solar kit oven comes with a carrying bag and cover. Easy and quick to assemble, this camp stove / barbecue grillheats up in minutes for portable solar cooking on-the-go or right at home in your backyard.

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How it Works

SolSource Sport uses high-performance parabolic reflector panels to concentrate solar energy on the bottom of your cooking pots causing them to heat up, literally, at the speed of light. All you have to do is point it at the sun and start cooking!

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Very strong, compact and easy to put together, just what you need when outdoors. The backpack for SolSource is also an excellent organizer and protector of the high reflective mirrors.
Price wise, I’d gladly pay double for such a quality.

Kickstarter Backer

This solar oven is really awesome! I’m amazed at how evenly it cooks even with the sun moving around all day. We left this out at our campsite while we went and hiked for a couple hours and came back and our food was warm and cooked! Highly recommend.

Madison Loftus / Amazon

Love my sport! I’ve taken mine out 5-6 times now to cook and have had success every time! Only bad part is that the sun has to be out, but hey its a solar cooker right? So I cant even be mad! Carrying case is super light too so it doesn’t get tiring at all when carrying it.

Connor Rule / Early Tester