The videos below illustrate how to assemble and use your SolSource solar grill. Good luck and enjoy!

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Before You Cook


  • Position SolSource where it will have sun for the entire cooking period.
  • Consider setting up a stool or bench as a workstation next to your SolSource as a place to arrange ingredients and utensils.

Choosing the Right Pan

  • Pans that are matte and black absorb sunlight better than shiny pans.
  • Pans that are made from ceramic-coated aluminum or copper heat up the fastest and have even heat spread (NOTE: never use uncoated aluminum or copper pans as these can react with your food).
  • Cast iron pans are good for heat retention and can achieve higher temperatures over time (NOTE: uncoated cast iron has a smoky flavor and needs to be frequently seasoned. If you don’t prefer this smoky flavor, use an enamel-coated cast iron pan.)
  • Using a lid will help the pot heat up faster and reach higher temperatures.
  • Avoid using pots or lids with plastic handles.

While Cooking

  • Pre-heat the pan before adding food. It won’t take long for your pan to get hot so please keep your eye on it.
  • Cover with lid for faster heating and more moist results
  • Remember that the center of the pan is hotter than the edges
  • Remember that the top panels reflect light onto the pan as well and can burn food if not turned regularly
  • If heat is too intense in one part of the pan, rotate the dish slightly to place the focal point on another part of the pan.
  • CAUTIONARY NOTES: The SolSource burner can get very hot very quickly. Please do not leave pots or pans unattended on SolSource. Please do not put body parts or objects on the burner or in the focal cone of concentrated light unless you intend to cook/heat them up. Do not leave SolSource focused when you are not cooking on it.

After Cooking

  • Pull off any bits of food that fell on the reflector
  • If desired, wash reflector using water, detergent, and a soft sponge. Dry with a non-static, non-fluff cloth.
  • Make sure that your SolSource is not concentrating sunlight by covering it or placing it in a place that stays shady.
  • CAUTIONARY NOTES: The SolSource burner can get very hot. Please use mitts to remove pots and pans from SolSource. Please refrain from touching the burner until it has cooled down.